All-In-One WordPress to Wix Migration Service!

Are you right about to move your WordPress website to Wix, but lack time or skills to do that on your own? We will cover all the must-have tech nuances, taking care of all the aspects you may overlook for some reason! Leave your doubts behind and entrust us with your website migration challenge!


Why Wix?

Ease of Use

Wix is the AI-powered website builder, which encompasses a broad range of advanced, features and tools that can be mastered even by first-timers. The system is intuitive, convenient and amazingly simple and it doesn’t take much time or effort to be explored to the advantage.

100% Customizability

The website builder is completely customizable, granting access to multiple design customization tools, easy-to-edit WYSIWYG drag-and-drop editor and flexible settings. The system works great for almost all types of projects, featuring ultimate customizability.

All-In-One Service

Apart from creating different types of projects, Wix grants extensive hosting and domain options. This is the all-in-one web building solution, which delivers stunning web building experience along with functionality, flexibility and diversity of options.

eCommerce Platform

Wix comes with a powerful integrated eCommerce engine that makes it possible to launch and successfully manage small/mid-sized online stores. It offers an abundance of eCommerce templates and niche-specific features that help you get the most out of your web store building experience.

Integration Options

Wix comes with its own integrated App Market that grants access to lots of free and paid widgets. Just like templates, they fall into thematic categories you can browse to pick and integrate the required widgets into your project.


Along with powerful feature set and advanced flexibility, Wix offers several pricing options to fit any budget and web design preferences. There is a free plan that never expires and four paid subscriptions that differ in the functionality provided.


Order Website Transfer

Why Us

We employ a team of experienced web developers, who are ready to provide full-scale assistance on all the stages of the website transfer process. We can cope with your project conversion in the shortest time possible, taking care of all the website elements, assets and entities.

Professionalism and Quality

Our team ensures perfect and smooth website performance after the completion of the conversion process. We can now boast 100% users’ satisfaction rate and dozens of successfully transferred projects.

Safe Website Elements Transfer

The process of website conversion implies thorough and accurate transfer of all the project elements and entities from the previous website. We believe that you should eventually get the same version of your website available on Wix.

Personal Assistant - Individual Approach

We assign an individual knowledgeable expert to you, who will further keep track of your website transfer process. You can contact this person on any stage of the conversion process to handle all the nuances.

Clear Pricing Policy

We provide affordable pricing so that you could get the best services at reasonable cost. The final payments are preliminary discussed with the team of developers prior to starting the process of website migration.

Crystal Clear Migration Process

You are welcome to keep an eye on each stage of your website migration process. Control your website conversion stages, get in touch with our experts.

Quality Assurance

We strive to provide the best level of professionalism and we are dedicated to ensuring the high end result. Check out our customer testimonials to find out more about our level of servicing and our clients' reviews.

How it works

  • 1

    Apply for Website Transfer

    Send a free quote 24/7 to get in touch with our team of developers in the shortest time possible. We will review your online application and provide the answer along with the entire list of issues to be considered prior to starting the migration process.

  • 2

    Convert Your Website

    Once your request is approved and we agree on all the tech nuances and migration details, our best experts will start the process of converting your WordPress website to Wix. The process is done manually, which contributes to proper transfer of all website elements.

  • 3

    Get Ready Made Site

    Upon the completion of the migration process, you may review your ready made Wix website to check the way it works and whether it complies with all your requirements.

  • 4

    Website Deployment

    Website deployment is the final stage of your website transfer process. You are welcome to go live, making your project accessible online by the target audience. Only after that, you’ll pay for our services.

Once the request is sent, we will come back with the full list of services we provide. Our experts offer some of the recommended capabilities based on their tremendous experience to make the migration process as fast and efficient as possible. You will be aware of the timeframes, pricing policy, project duration, and other essential issues.







What Our Сlients Say

When I’ve got the idea to start a photography website, I started browsing the web looking for the best service to launch the project. WordPress was the one I’ve come across most often. The reviews made me believe that building a website with it will be a piece of cake. Right after I started working with the system, I realized how mistaken I was. As far as I’m not a web design pro, the process of editing a website became a nightmare, not to mention all those plugins and designs. Then I came across The gus really helped me transfer my poor WP website to Wix and explained the basics of working with it. The situation changed for the better and now I can update my portfolio on my own. That’s really what I needed!

Michael Klein, Photographer

I’ve owned a WordPress blog for over a year until… I was notified that the system required updating after the release of the new CMS version. After the update, the entire design and functionality of my blog has changed and that was not what I hoped for. That was one of the main reasons to switch my blog to Wix. Due to, the conversion process was quick and successful and I can now update my Wix website whenever I wish.

Kevin Gerard, Blogger

My cooperation with was successful, quick and absolutely hassle-free. They literally did everything for me:) What’s more, even after my website was transferred, I have an opportunity to contact them for support when needed. That’s another pleasant bonus I’ve got from the team. Thanks a lot for this unbelievably simple website migration experience.

Katherine Mathews, Entrepreneur


Frequently Asked Questions

The term itself implies the process of moving your ready made website from one platform to another. Our services offers an opportunity to migrate your WordPress based project to Wix, no matter what reasons you have to do that. Our best experts will assist you on every stage of the website transfer process, paying individual attention to all the tech nuances of your project.

The entire procedure of website migration from WordPress to Wix does not take much time, but it still depends on the complexity of your project and the result you wish to avail in the long run. The bulkier your website is and the more pages/elements it has, the more time will be required to complete the transfer. For example, a standard 5-page website is generally transferred in around 5 business days.

Definitely, yes. Our team assigns an individual project manager, who will supervise the website migration process and whom you can consult any time of the day to discuss all the nuances and handle all the potential problems.

Generally, the process involves four stages. To start with, you should apply for a free quote so that we could evaluate your website and all the potential nuances of its further transfer. After that, we will discuss the major issues and stages of the migration procedure, timeframes, project duration and other details. If everything is ok, we will start the process of website transfer from the very beginning and up to the ready made website deployment stage. Finally, you’ll make the payment and we will discuss further website support and maintenance issues.

We’ll try our best effort to preserve all the website elements and entities as they are. However, if you wish to change something about your website design or even create a brand new project from scratch, just let us know and we’ll gladly assist you with that.

You shouldn’t worry about your website SEO positions. Our experts will help you adjust SEO settings properly not to boost your current positions in the search engine results.

Of course, it’s all in your hands! You should select a suitable template or start with the blank, create or customize your new website design (both desktop and mobile versions), move all the content, including texts, images and videos. Then you should point your domain name to the Wix name servers and complete all the above mentioned steps in a proper way. Seems hardly at a first sight, but you can do all of that by your own. We advise to learn more about Wix, browse articles, describing the process of WordPress to Wix transfer: Switching from WordPress to Wix. The most important is to evaluate your possibilities properly.

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